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Can you install my Antique Reclaimed Fireplace?

Updated: June 21st, 2016

Yes! we do install antique fireplace surrounds all over the south! We understand the nature of the old mantles and handle them with care. We take antique mantles and retro fit them to fit your space and we also antique new limestone to blend in with the antique limestone to make any trim pieces, hearths or shelving pieces needed to complete your mantle. In past times, fireplace mantles were designed to go back into the wall to act as part of the firebox (Picture example on the left) Today, 90% of all fireboxes are flush with the wall and a fireplace surround is placed as an accent piece. In saying, this most antique mantles have to have the back of the legs and shelf cutoff to fit the space. Sometimes we are able to take some of the material from the legs to make the insert pieces, if needed, but there is rarely enough material. Not to worry, we can make our new limestone blend in to match your antique stone. The picture on the right is an example of an antique mantle you will see set up in the store, notice the back side is missing. The reason is, it is meant to go back in to the wall or have an over-mantle. When you see this you have two options. Option 1, we can saw the back of the legs off even with the depth of the shelf so you can install this fireplace. Option 2, we can make the return shelf pieces, and a top and bottom piece to fill in the void. No replica can replace true Historical value and the story these authentic reclaimed antique fireplaces can tell. But if you want to save some money yet still want an old looking product, give us a call or shoot us an email about antiquing you a replica!